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Monday, 6 August 2012

LUSH - Ocean Salt Facial Scrub & Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Lush was one of them shops were I never really paid any attention because I'm more into make-up products than smellys as it happens I had only ever walked into a Lush shop once there was way too many scents for me to cope with and then seeing a bar of soap for £40 I walked out, not knowing much about Lush that was the only involvement I ever had. Since joining Twitter and becoming a blogger I started to realise how popular it is and got the bigger picture. Over and over I kept seeing reviews on the 'Bubblegum Lip Scrub' and the more I read the more I was tempted to buy it. So when my hubby told me he's taking me on a shopping spree to treat me I was over the moon one of the shops I went to was Lush the first thing I asked the lady for was the Bubblegum Lip Scrub it smells absolutely gorgeous second item I purchased was the Ocean Salt Facial Scrub. I did check out the make-up range to be honest I think the items were over priced i.e. a small bottle of eyeliner was £14.00 I tried it out on my hand and it cracked. I might try out some more products once I've tried these two to see how good the results are.

The Ocean Salt contains sea salt to clean the skin, limes to brighten the skin and avocado butter to soften. Its actually amazing first time trying it and believe me I'm impressed my skin was left feeling so smooth with all dead skin removed its been years since I've found a good face scrub will defo be buying again 10/10!

Bubblegum Lip Scrub obviously tastes of bubblegum I must make you aware it tastes and smells very strong as I unintentionally ended up tasting it! Again another great product I used to use one by Body Shop this is much better my lips were left ultra smooth. Will definately be buying this again 10/10.

Have you tried these?... What are your views on the new make-up range?... Are you looking to buy these?


  1. I love the lip scrubs! I haven't tried that facial scrub though. I recently went a bit insane in lush! I'm a massive fan of it x

  2. What do u think to the make-up range n wat other good products is there that u wud recommended x

  3. I love Ocean salt and Passionate Lip colour from the new make up range.

  4. Ocean salt is a common ingredient known by many brands so thought I'd giv it a go I actually love it n Yeh I like tht shade too x


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