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Monday, 13 August 2012

Lee Stafford Hair Products

I went into boots to originally buy Lee Stafford hair growth treatment but because there was an offer on '3 for 2'. So I also ended up buying the 'Flat Iron Protection Mist' and 'Lightening Spray'.

Obviously its too soon for me to say if any of the products have/are working because I believe any product which is going to work will take time several weeks if anything because if miracles existed then we would have healthy,  luscious and gorgeous hair without any hassle. Since giving birth my hair shot length which is brilliant but my hairs condition is not in the best condition its always dry which means my ends split very easily. I still stand by the Mythic Oil 100% its the best thing I could have bought for my hair.

My views on these 3 products so far:

  • Hair Growth Treatment - My first impressions I love the colour of all the products its a brigtht pink! Secondly it smells really nice. When I applied it to my hair it worked sort of like a conditioner. I cant say whether it has worked or not as I've only used it once so far. If it works any treats I will do a updated post.
  • Flat Iron Protection Mist - Again I cant say much but the first time using I applied it to damp hair and blow dried not sure if the credit goes to this or the Lightening Spray because I applied both to damp hair but the condition of my hair whilst drying was much smoother. 
  • Lightening Spray - Now this is one of the products out of the 3 I can say I actually noticed a slight difference no doubt for real results it will take a few weeks of using this but generally my hair looked slightly lighter.
Have any of you used these products? Have they worked any miracles for you?


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