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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Breath Of Fresh Air - New Lush Addition

I'm actually getting slightly addicted to the Lush products. My first two purchases I have reviewed here. Anyway I went in to have a look at the new make-up products and again couldn't justify paying the prices so I had a nosey around anyway, I was actually ended up at the hair products department and was intrested to see if they do any treatmeant products for damaged ends as it happens the product they do was not yet in store but only available online, then my eyes landed on the 'Tea Tree Water Toner', I then got talking to the staff and they advised me to try this instead because I have got combination skin.

First impressions of using this after the first time, I really felt my skin tightening up which meant it was definitely working. Since using this my skin really does feel alot fresher. I use this once washing my face on a morning before applying my moisturizer and make-up, it helps keep my pores closed through the day which avoids open/clogged pores. I also use this on a night after removing my make-up and using the Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub. Just by following these simple steps my skin really does feel so much fresher.

Have you tried these or any Lush products which you are really happy with?


  1. Oh wow, that sounds great. I'm heading over to Lush tomorrow, so I'll check it out. :-) xo.

    1. Its just refreshing, my skin started feeling alot healthier aswel its been about a week of me using it after the facial scrub x

  2. I use the tea tree one but when that runs out I think this one could replace it x


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