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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

*** Beauty Blender Sponges vs Stippling Brush ***

Items involved:
* Beauty Blender Sponge - £1.29 - eBay
* Elf Stippling brush - £3.75 -

You may all be aware of both these products. What made me think of this idea, well for years I couldn't make up my mind whether I preferred sponges or brushes for foundation application. As it happened recently I bought a unique sponge 'Beauty Blender' which I have reviewed seperatley this is different to your average sponge explained in detail on review and I also bought a 'Stippling Brush' again different to your average foundation brush the brustles are different and the way you apply foundation with this brush is also different. So I thought why not test the two out against each other.

What I did was apply with damp Beauty Blender on one side of my face and then Stippling brush on the other side.


For me it was definetly the 'Beauty Blender'
WHY- Simply because it was so gentle to the skin and used less product, both soaked product in but with the sponge you are able to squeeze it out whereas you cant do that with a brush, also foundation didn't clash with my dry skin because you are using a dabbing technique however with the brush it did. To be fair both products were gentle to the skin.


  1. I completely agree with you, the beauty blender sponges apply foundation amazingly!

    Beth xx

  2. Aww thanx for the comment x


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