Monday, 13 August 2012

Battle of Eyeliners - Maybelline VS Rimmel

I don't know if any of you have experienced this but I am absolutely fed up of the MAC Fluidline drying out on me. At first I thought it was just me but I experienced this 3 times. I actually compared a new one to a half used one and there was a big difference and it wasn't just me. Costing £14.00 each I think this is pretty annoying, I actually loved this product but the fact I only get half way through and have to buy another one is so annoying. So I asked bloggers on Twitter for some recommendations I received a brilliant respond from high end to drugstore products this time I decided I will try drugstore products. The mass of recommendations I received for the Rimmel Eyeliner and Maybelline eyeliner drew me in. So then came the point of making a decision which one, I couldn't decide so thought to buy both of them in total they roughly add up to what it would cost me to buy one Fluidline.

 Here both products. First impressions Maybelline Eyeliner comes in a packaging with a full size application brush. On the other hand The Rimmel Eyeliner comes in a compacted design a good essentia. for not taking up much room in your make up bag. 

So here are both products, to be fair brush quality on both products are roughly the same and quite good for application. I would only happily keep and re-use the Maynelline brush but you never know the Rimmel brush may also be re-used and kept as a good little essential in my make-up bag. 

Above - Rimmel                     Below - Maybelline   

For me the winner is Rimmel which quite shocked me, packaging and presentation wise the Maybelline eyeliner is my favourite but quality pigmentation wise Rimmel takes the lead. With the Maybelline it took a few strokes for it to show up this well were as it was only took a two strokes for the Rimmel to show this well. The only downfall with the Rimmel one is it takes a a while to dry and if not careful it can smudge too.


  1. Ooooh I love my Maybelline one but might have to give the Rimmel one a go. Great comparison :)

  2. Defo won't be gettin fluidline again dries out too quick, the texture of the Rimmeo one is better I'm slightly shocked I thought Maybelline would have won it for me x

    1. I think you keep forgetting to click 'reply' Aqeela as your response is coming up as a separate comment. Just a little heads up lovely :) x

    2. I never knew that, thanx hun xx

  3. i have the rimmel one and love it follow each other ?

  4. Hi great blog i found you through BBU.


  5. Thank u Neave I've just done a Liebster award post, but thanx alot! I will definitely follow u back x

    Thanx Angela I'll head over and have a look x

  6. Try Rimmel glam eyes liquid eyeliner hun I swear by it xx


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