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Friday, 10 August 2012

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

Batiste were kindly giving out freebies for bloggers to review I was lucky enough to request some too, I've used Batiste for years now. I first came to know of Batiste from my hairdressers because I was sick of how often my hair would get greasy which resulted in me washing it everyday unfortunatley I cant let my hair air-dry and have to blowdry other wise it clumps together. When I first heard about dry shampoo I thought it was too good to be true until I tried them out, at that time there was only a limited range my favourite was the tropical one. I didn't even know there was any difference until the new range has come out I checked the bottles I have got at home I have the volumising and blush one at the moment. So anyway I emailed the lady my address and which range I would like to try. I found with the normal dry shampoo's left white powder and with me having dark hair you can imagine how much of a pain that was I opted for the 'Hint of Colour Dark & Deep Brown'. I received a parcel the next day least expecting it to be these beauties not only did she send the range I asked for but she sent me two! Second one was 'A Hint of Colour Medium & Brunette'. I found both of these two have a lush smell! They do still leave white powder which is obvious because it is 'dry shampoo' but no were near as much as the normal range secondly these bottles are now a bigger size compared to the normal ones. Batiste is a part of my every day life not just to stop my hair from getting greasy but I cheekily use these for volumising too they're actually amazing. I'm glad Batiste dry shamoo came into my life it is so much easier I took these on holiday, I even packed a miniture bottle in my hospital bag and god it was a life saver because I was in there 5 days going through a hard time of contractions which meant I couldn't get showered everyday not that I'm a tramp lol! Thanks Batiste once again for the freebies =]!

Have you tried these? What part do they play in your life?


  1. Ohh yay, finally something that won't leave too much of the white crap in my hair lol. I'm currently using the suave dry shampoo and the suave dry conditioner (which smells kinda funny)...but hey, they cheap and they do their job!

  2. These smell divine! My husband actually had to comment =]. I wont lie you still get some white residue because that is the substance of dry shampoo but not as much, definatley worth a try. If you want to give them a try the miniture holiday size one's. Or even better worth giving Batiste a tweet to see if they are still giving out freebies, the bottles I got were full sizes =] x

  3. I used mine this morning love it it too xxx laurzie x

    1. It's a genius invention lol! I've gt another review comin up on a few more but my fav one is xxl volume have u tried that? x


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