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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bargain Nail Foils - Absolutley Flawless

I was viewing the She Said beauty box reviews as I was due to receive mine this month and one lady received a pack of nail files and as she was reading the info from the card explaining price and where they can be bought she mentioned £1.90 I had to play the video back because I thought I was hearing things and realised she actually did say £1.90 so faintly reading the writing from the packaging I made out the company name ... Absolutley Flawless so away I went to try my luck typed this into google and actually found the website! Even better there was over 130 designs to choose from! This seemed too good to be true I'd been looking for nail foils for sometime and theses were not only cheap but a huge variety. I ordered 4 designs the lady even kindly added a free pair of lashes for me to review. Here are my goodies....

This is my first attempt at applying the nail foils as I've never tried them before. At first it was pretty tricky soon I got the hang of it you basically cut the size roughly just curve the edges, remove the foil from the clear sheet put on to nail and apply heat (I used hairdryer) you don't need to apply much heat just enough to smooth out any wrinkles and your away to go. The good thing is I only used up 3 strips to do all my toes! You get 32 in a pack for the price of £1.90 how can you really go wrong!

Here's a pic with the false eyelashes personally I haven't tried the flare look eyelashes and I really do like them. These eyelashes came with glue which I thought was white glue but once applied to the lashes it looks an amazing illuminous blue and is really good I'm not the best at getting eyelashes on in the first attempt and this glue actually worked with me rather than dry out on me plus it comes in a glass bottle with a little stick rather than a squeezy tube, squeezy tubes I find can let too much glue out or can blob and you have to have a very steady hand to work with them. These sell at £3.35 I'm usually an Eyelure girl but have to say I am pleased with the result of these.

So why not get your hands on some very good products at bargain prices, Absolutely Flawless also sell jeweled bra straps, flip-in hair, lashes and brow equipment, spray tanning accessories and contact lenses just click here they are also on Twitter: ab_flawless.


  1. The lashes look amazing on you! I love nail foils, especially gold and leopard print ones lol, I will be looking at the website. Btw what I do to apply mine is, instead of cutting them I bend the foil over my nails and file away with a metal nail file, it comes off so easily and leaves a neat finish. xx

  2. Thank u, definately look at the website there is over 130 designs I was spoilt for choice :) this was my 1st tym applyin them. That was the bit I found tricky the cutting I'm definately gna try file them thnx 4 the tip! x


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