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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Batiste Dry Shampoo - New Additions

If you read my previous post on Batiste you will know I've been using their products for years now you check my last review by clicking here, for me it is a holy grail! I also mentioned how I received some free bottles from the new range to try out these were the brunette for medium hair and brunette for dark hair. As you brunette's will know how much the white powder is a nuisance for dark hair well this ones for us =].

This time I have got these beauties...

Left-Right: Cocunut & Exotic Tropical, Big & Bouncy XXL Volume, Fruity & Cheeky Cherry
Now the Coconut & Exotic Tropical and Fruity & Cheeky Cherry are fragranced products and I absolutely adore the cherry smell something very different and leaves my hair smelling amazing. But by far my most favourite of all the Batiste Dry Shampoo's is the Big & Bouncy XXL Volume! Why?? Well do you love the Matt texturizing volumizer powders... At the moment they're very popular well Big & Bouncy XXL Volume is a mixture of exactly that and dry shampoo together! So rather than me use 2 products I just use this one. The volume you get from Big & Bouncy XXL Volume is amazing! I've not had results like this from any other product! It's now become a part of my daily routine and I LOVE IT =]

Divaderme Lash Extender Review

Dont like wearing false eyelashes... Got short Eyelashes... Not enough volume???

Don't worry here's the answer...

What is this?
I paid £7.00, received a MAC eyeliner pencil and free delivery so not too pricey I found mine on eBay. This wand is like a mascara which came in a glass bottle. Basically it is micro-fibre hairs (tiny hairs). You apply a coat of mascara and while your mascara is wet you apply Lash Extender in a rolling motion different to how you would apply your mascara. The more coats you apply the greater the result.

What I think:
You can see how this product works, we cant create miracles but this product does work only to a certain extent. I noticed more volume to my lashes and slightly more length. You have to use the right type of mascara which is wet enough to catch and dry with the micro-fibre hairs. Layers will not result in making your lashes clumpy which is a positive. One bad thing is the micro-fibre hair can really irritate your eyes if you dont clean away the excess hair or apply too much.

Here's some pics... Enjoy

Divaderme Lash Extender is applied to the lashes on the left in both pics.

To be fair you cant see much diff on these pics so I took a few side shots so you can see the difference.

Far lashes without Divaderme Lash Extender

Far lashes with Divaderme Lash Extender

And again Far lashes with Divaderme Lash Extender

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

The lovely Diamond In Rouge nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! A big thank you hun =].

The Rules:
-Nominate 12 bloggers who are relatively new to blogging (I chose bloggers with less than 200 followers)
-Let them know you have nominated them
-Share 7 random facts about yourself
-Thank the blogger(s) who nominated yo by linking to their blog
-Add versatile blogger award to your post

7 Random Facts About Me:
-I'm 5"4
- I love make-up
- I'm a full time mummy
- I haven't been to any make-up courses
- I have two brothers and 1 sister
- My parents are my idols
- I have never been fond of celebrity perfumes

People I would like to nominate:

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows Review!

What MAC says about these eyeshadows: A soft, lightweight, springy formula delivers hue-rich colour in a modern mode. One touch and you'll be wired into its sensational blending powder. Medium to high coverage transforms eyes. Use the 249 Large Shader Brush to provide pro-quality pick-up and ditribution.

What I think:
The texture of these eyeshaows is beyond amazing, in a sense they feel very delicate and moussey where it feels like you may leave an inprint. They are a combination of cream and powder. I love vibrant and pigmented colours and these definatley stand up to that. I would have loved more colours to be honest as there is only 12 colours. These are limited edition so you must get your hands on these as quick as possible as they are selling really quick.
Only prob I have with these eyeshadows is I'm having a prob finding the right brush to pick up the colours and transfer, I find the colours aren't as bright when I'm using brushes as they are if I'm applying them with my fingers.

The colours I own so far:

You can see for yourself how amazingly vibrant these colours are!

And heres a look I created using these colours =]


Real Techniques - Stippling Brush

As you will no I have blogged about Real Techniques brushes previously aswel. This review is specifically on the stippling brush, I did try the e.l.f Stippling brush and unfortunately it didn't do what I had expected it to and after reading others reviews I realized that they shared the same views. The e.l.f Stippling brush was a slight disappointment and again after reading so many brilliant reviews on the Real Techniques Stippling brush I thought why not give it a go.

Here you can see the difference between the brushes and the difference in quality, the e.l.f brush is way too soft and bristles split once you try stipple with the brush whereas the Real Techniques brush has loads of bristles so it can be both firm and soft. The bristles are cut with great definition to allow you to stipple. I'm in love with the Real Techniques brush as it does what a Stippling brush is meant to 'create a flawless, airbrushed finish', Stippling brushes are multi-use brushes for applying foundation, powder or blusher.

Again I would say I prefer it more than my MAC one simply because the bristles are shorter which gives me more precision.

The Stippling brush is a new addition to my Real Techniques make-up brush family. All brushes are colour coded and all the bristles are synthetic and cut to precision, each brush is also labelled with the name of each one.

 The first purchases of the make-up brushes were sets a face set and eyes set, they came in these absoultely genius packaging which can be folded for them to be used as a stand and can also be used as a pouch. For me it saved me buying a brush stand because I just use the cases and whenever I need to take them away I just fold the holder into a pouch and away I go!

Not Only that but the pouch has also come handy for me to stand all my other brushes in too! What more could you want =] x

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Create it Yourself - Purple Smokey Eye Make-Up Look

Create it yourself make up look!

Want guidance on this look??

Here you can see I started off with my lightest colour first I’ve also used this colour around the inner corner of the eye, then my main colour finishing with the darkest colour, as I have worked my way towards the outer eye I have took the eye shadow higher, above the eye bone, at the edges I used a slanted brush to get a neat line finish. Once I had applied all the colours of my choice I used an eye shadow blending brush and blended well. I also brushed in my eyebrows, for a more defined look wet slanted brush and apply to eyebrows.

Here you can see I have applied my eye liner for this I used MAC Fluidline in ‘Blacktrack’. I’ve gone for the double winged eyeliner look as I find when I am doing dramatic eyes this helps create more drama. I’ve also applied a highlighter below the eyebrows, it’s amazing how much highlighters can make a difference! I finished the eyes off by applying mascara.

For the cheeks I have used the contouring method by highlighting in a c shape starting from above the eyebrow and leading onto the cheekbone, below the cheek bone I have applied the desired blusher colour. Above is also a pic of all products used.

Finally on the lips I used Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in ‘Shortcake’. That’s the look complete, hope u enjoyed =]. Would love to hear your views.

Create it Yourself - Pink Smokey Eye Make-Up Look

Products used:

  • Lancome - Teint Idole Ultra 24hr
  • MAC Pigments - Pink Opal, Fuchsia, Bright Fuchsia
  • MAC Studio Fix
  • Body Shop Palette - Black Eyeshadow
  • Body Shop eyebrow kit
  • MUA Blusher - Shade 1
  • MUA Lip Balm - Sweet Lips
  • MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick - Royal Azalea
  • Real Techniques Brushes

First I applied moisturizer, Teint Idole Ultra 24hr evenly all over the face with Real Techniques foundation brush, because this foundation brush isn't as large as other foundation brushes I find I can do a swirling motion to apply my foundation it gives a brilliant finish. I then set my face with MAC Studio Fix.

Starting with the lightest colour first on the inner eye I patted then spread MAC Fuchsia Pigment across the full eyelid, I then patted on the Bright Fuchsia MAC Pigment about a quarter of the way out from the inner eye and blended well into the Fuchsia colour. Next I added the black three quarters of the way out from the inner eye, when I got to the outer corner of the eye I used a slanted brush to apply the black diagonally to get a perfect straight point. I arched the black sort of in a 'C' shape around the Bright Fuchsia colour, I also took the black quite high more so to the raising of my eyebrow bone. For a highlighter I applied Pink Opal MAC Pigment below my eyebrows. I then went over the colours and blended really well adding more pigment where I needed to, using MAC Fluidline I followied the flick along the edge I had already created with the black eyeshadow. I finished the eyes off by brushing in my eyebrows using the Body Shop Eyebrow Kit.

TIP: when using pigments/loose powder eyeshadows use a patting motion you will have less excess and will get the most out of your colour and blending becomes a lot easier. If you want to intensify the colour even more damp your eyeshadow brush then dip into pigment/loose powder.

Next I've applied MUA Lip Balm in the shade 'Sweet Lips' as my lips dry out very quick with lipsticks secondly I've applied  MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in shade Royal Azalea. I blended both lip products in really well with a lip brush. Final step of this look I applied MUA Blusher in Shade 1which is a gorgeous light pink.

TIP: If you have lips like mine they can be really hard to maintain, so applying Vaseline/lip balms before your lipstick really help keep your lips in tip top condition or even by applying a lipgloss over. If you want to really define your lips use a matching lip liner first then apply lip products. If you want a plumped look then apply gloss just to the middle of the lips.

 Hope you enjoyed this post will try do more tutorials. =]

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Breath Of Fresh Air - New Lush Addition

I'm actually getting slightly addicted to the Lush products. My first two purchases I have reviewed here. Anyway I went in to have a look at the new make-up products and again couldn't justify paying the prices so I had a nosey around anyway, I was actually ended up at the hair products department and was intrested to see if they do any treatmeant products for damaged ends as it happens the product they do was not yet in store but only available online, then my eyes landed on the 'Tea Tree Water Toner', I then got talking to the staff and they advised me to try this instead because I have got combination skin.

First impressions of using this after the first time, I really felt my skin tightening up which meant it was definitely working. Since using this my skin really does feel alot fresher. I use this once washing my face on a morning before applying my moisturizer and make-up, it helps keep my pores closed through the day which avoids open/clogged pores. I also use this on a night after removing my make-up and using the Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub. Just by following these simple steps my skin really does feel so much fresher.

Have you tried these or any Lush products which you are really happy with?

Monday, 13 August 2012

Battle of Eyeliners - Maybelline VS Rimmel

I don't know if any of you have experienced this but I am absolutely fed up of the MAC Fluidline drying out on me. At first I thought it was just me but I experienced this 3 times. I actually compared a new one to a half used one and there was a big difference and it wasn't just me. Costing £14.00 each I think this is pretty annoying, I actually loved this product but the fact I only get half way through and have to buy another one is so annoying. So I asked bloggers on Twitter for some recommendations I received a brilliant respond from high end to drugstore products this time I decided I will try drugstore products. The mass of recommendations I received for the Rimmel Eyeliner and Maybelline eyeliner drew me in. So then came the point of making a decision which one, I couldn't decide so thought to buy both of them in total they roughly add up to what it would cost me to buy one Fluidline.

 Here both products. First impressions Maybelline Eyeliner comes in a packaging with a full size application brush. On the other hand The Rimmel Eyeliner comes in a compacted design a good essentia. for not taking up much room in your make up bag. 

So here are both products, to be fair brush quality on both products are roughly the same and quite good for application. I would only happily keep and re-use the Maynelline brush but you never know the Rimmel brush may also be re-used and kept as a good little essential in my make-up bag. 

Above - Rimmel                     Below - Maybelline   

For me the winner is Rimmel which quite shocked me, packaging and presentation wise the Maybelline eyeliner is my favourite but quality pigmentation wise Rimmel takes the lead. With the Maybelline it took a few strokes for it to show up this well were as it was only took a two strokes for the Rimmel to show this well. The only downfall with the Rimmel one is it takes a a while to dry and if not careful it can smudge too.

Whats In My Handbag - Bare Minerals review

What's in my handbag is a website which involves alot of fun basically about what everyone has in their handbags. You create a profile upload pictures to say what you have in your handbag, you then look at others to see what others have in theirs. Each week 'Whats In My Handbag' give you the opportunity to sign up to review the product of the week, they then choose the people who have been successful and send them out the products.

I was lucky enough to be selected. I was sent an email informing me I had been lucky enough to be chosen and that my sample had been dispatched, two days later I received my sample.

 My products came beautifully wrapped and sealed with a sticker with my full name on it which I thought was very thoughtful.

 I received a introductory booklet explaining the ways of application, a gorgeous small beautiful brush and a sample size pot which I'm guessing will be enough for one/two applications. Texture of the powder is amazingly soft =].

The booklet shows the three steps for application, I dont know about you but using and applying mineral foundation can be tricky so these instructions are pretty useful and easy.

The brush may be small but will be definitely something I'll keep. I hope to invest in some Bare Minerals at some point. At the moment I own Bellapiere Minerals very similar quality. Minerals are the best products you could possibly use on your skin as they contain no chemicals and only 3 ingredients I just slightly push back using my Bellapiere because I find it slightly time consuming because of the blending process.

Lee Stafford Hair Products

I went into boots to originally buy Lee Stafford hair growth treatment but because there was an offer on '3 for 2'. So I also ended up buying the 'Flat Iron Protection Mist' and 'Lightening Spray'.

Obviously its too soon for me to say if any of the products have/are working because I believe any product which is going to work will take time several weeks if anything because if miracles existed then we would have healthy,  luscious and gorgeous hair without any hassle. Since giving birth my hair shot length which is brilliant but my hairs condition is not in the best condition its always dry which means my ends split very easily. I still stand by the Mythic Oil 100% its the best thing I could have bought for my hair.

My views on these 3 products so far:

  • Hair Growth Treatment - My first impressions I love the colour of all the products its a brigtht pink! Secondly it smells really nice. When I applied it to my hair it worked sort of like a conditioner. I cant say whether it has worked or not as I've only used it once so far. If it works any treats I will do a updated post.
  • Flat Iron Protection Mist - Again I cant say much but the first time using I applied it to damp hair and blow dried not sure if the credit goes to this or the Lightening Spray because I applied both to damp hair but the condition of my hair whilst drying was much smoother. 
  • Lightening Spray - Now this is one of the products out of the 3 I can say I actually noticed a slight difference no doubt for real results it will take a few weeks of using this but generally my hair looked slightly lighter.
Have any of you used these products? Have they worked any miracles for you?

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Shoes Haul - Primark & Barratts

Just a quick and short post on my shoes haul. I went shopping at Meadowhall on the weekend. I love shoes specially pumps they are my every day comfy wear. Every year I go on a shoes shopping haul and buy loads of pairs in different colours to match all different outfits. So it was that time this year and here is the stash of pumps this year.

                                            I think I will stash up on sandals next =].

Friday, 10 August 2012

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

Batiste were kindly giving out freebies for bloggers to review I was lucky enough to request some too, I've used Batiste for years now. I first came to know of Batiste from my hairdressers because I was sick of how often my hair would get greasy which resulted in me washing it everyday unfortunatley I cant let my hair air-dry and have to blowdry other wise it clumps together. When I first heard about dry shampoo I thought it was too good to be true until I tried them out, at that time there was only a limited range my favourite was the tropical one. I didn't even know there was any difference until the new range has come out I checked the bottles I have got at home I have the volumising and blush one at the moment. So anyway I emailed the lady my address and which range I would like to try. I found with the normal dry shampoo's left white powder and with me having dark hair you can imagine how much of a pain that was I opted for the 'Hint of Colour Dark & Deep Brown'. I received a parcel the next day least expecting it to be these beauties not only did she send the range I asked for but she sent me two! Second one was 'A Hint of Colour Medium & Brunette'. I found both of these two have a lush smell! They do still leave white powder which is obvious because it is 'dry shampoo' but no were near as much as the normal range secondly these bottles are now a bigger size compared to the normal ones. Batiste is a part of my every day life not just to stop my hair from getting greasy but I cheekily use these for volumising too they're actually amazing. I'm glad Batiste dry shamoo came into my life it is so much easier I took these on holiday, I even packed a miniture bottle in my hospital bag and god it was a life saver because I was in there 5 days going through a hard time of contractions which meant I couldn't get showered everyday not that I'm a tramp lol! Thanks Batiste once again for the freebies =]!

Have you tried these? What part do they play in your life?

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Liebster Award

So I've been kindly nominated for the Liebster Award by Toxylicious thanks hun. So these were the questions Toxylicious set out for me and the other 10 bloggers:

  1. Most embarrassing situation you have ever been in?
  2. Which blog post are you most proud of and why?
  3. Whats your top blogging tip?
  4. If you are only allowed to use 3 beauty products for the rest of your life...which 3 would you choose?
  5. Describe your morning ritual?
  6. Top 3 tracks on your ipod at the moment?
  7. If you could be one woman in the world, who would you choose and why?
  8. Best online clothing store?
  9. Best bargain so far in 2012?
  10. Worst date you've ever been on?
  11. G string or boyshorts?
  1.  I cant think of the MOST embarrasing but this one came to mind I got my words muddled up so rather than saying my fingers look shiny I said my shingers look finey =/.
  2. The Journey of Make-Up In My Life - Why, because You will all know form my blog I'm a make-up addict the reason I'm so proud of this post is it explains how make-up came about in my life and that I've taught myself everything I know and do I haven't been on a single make-up course believe it or not.
  3. Always be yourself and say what you feel not what others want to read after all that is what blogging is about not to gain freebies.
  4. Foundation, Mascara, Eyebrow kit.
  5. My morning ritual is nearly the same as every womans it consists of brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, dress my baby boy and sort my face out (get my slap on if I can be bothered).
  6. Will.I.Am - This is Love, Heat Wave - Wiley, Drake ft Rihanna - Take Care
  7. My mother for the strength, love, view, upbringing and support she has given me specially at the point of when I became a mum myself.
  8. Dorothy Perkins.
  9.  Funky Divaa clothing with 50% off all I spent was £30 and got myself a gud 3 outfits and extras.
  10. None haha I've been with my husband 5 yrsBoyshorts by far they are the most comfiest.
 11 Things about me:
- I love make-up! Like you wouldn't have guessed haha!
- I'm a first time mummy and my gorgeous little boy is 7 weeks old.
- All my clothes have to be hung up in colour co-ordination :/ sad I know.
- All my make up is organized too I.e. all blushers, eyeshadows, lipsticks ect in seperate drawers.
- Art is my inspiration to make up.
- In September it will be my 1st wedding anniversary will also have been with my husband for 5 years in September.
- I would like to become a professional make up artist one day.
- I am not working for the first time in 7 years. 
- I love trying new things.
- No matter how many blushers and lipsticks I have in pink I still buy more.
- I love socializing.

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Rules for the award:  Each person must post eleven things about themselves.  Answer the eleven questions the tagger has set for you.  Come up with eleven other questions for the people that you are going to tag.  Choose eleven people (with less than 200 followers) and tag them in your post, no tagbacks.  Follow the tagger and visit at least three of the nominees.

Have fun =] 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Weekend Treat From the Hubby - Shopping Spree & Family Day Out

Ok so my hubby gave me a belated treat for the arrival of our son who is now 6 weeks old. I was treated to a shopping spree to buy whatever I like with no limits =] and a special gift on top.  We decided to head out to the Metro Centre.

This was my make-up and hair for the day I decided to go with bright floral colours to go with my top and rocked the bun ring hair do.

I wore a bright coloured floral top with dip-dye leggings.
me and the hubby and our gorgeous lil man.

These are my main buys for the day and then the gorgeous Guess bracelet what my hubby got me separate to my shopping spree treat. Other than these I bought tops, leggings, shoes, baby outfits and hubby got hubby some treats. I must say I felt spoilt rotten and love my hubby to bits for making me feel  special =].

For the second day we went to a family festival celebrating 25 years of SIRF.

On the second day I wore a maxi skirt floral top and a denim waist coat. We looked at the chinese traditional statues which were lit up in gorgeous colours at night in outside church (basically the church had been burnt down so just the outer surrounding was rebuilt). Everyone wrote their wishes and pinned them to wooden art work created out of just palettes which were then lit alight for all the wishes to be burned and flow away into the sky pretty romantic huh =]. The night finished with a bonfire display and giants walking alongside the river bridge battery died so I only took minimum pictures. We finished our night off with a gorgeous pizza. Hope you enjoyed the post slightly diff to the other ones I've done =].