Saturday, 14 July 2012

Real Technique Make-Up Brushes

 I have decided to review these new additions to my make-up brushes collection. I have used loads of different make-up brushes i.e. MAC, Bobbi Brown, Body Shop brushes. I'm really fussy with brushes, they have to have the feel I am comfortable with otherwise I feel I cant work with them and cant achieve the best of what I desire. I was the same way when I was doing GCSE art weird huh LOL! Anyway I like my eyeshadow brush and blusher brush to be very puffy and slightly ruff textured so I can pick up product with them well, whereas the rest of my brushes I like them to be really soft. With me being really fussy I'm often left using a mixture of brushes from different brands. So recently whilst reading a blog I saw these brushes and asked what they were called I was told the name and directed to ebay for purchase. At first I really wasn't so sure but they looked of really decent quality and seemed to pull me in, I was originally going to get them in singles but found they worked out cheaper in packs costing £20.99 each. Delivery was pretty quick, so I ripped through the packaging desperately wanting to get a feel of the brushes to be able to see if they met my standards, to my suprise everything from presentation to the quality seemed to please me. I'm really happy I bought these. 

Info on these brushes:
  •  Designed with pro makeup artist Samantha Chapman
  • They are 'Tacklon' bristles (synthetic) so they are a 100% cruelty free 
  • Each brush is hand cut to perfection 
  • The soft fibres enable you to create a flawless finish
  • Handles are colour coded according to application i.e. gold - flawless base and pruple - enhanced eyes
  • Each brush has its name written on for easier reference
 The lovely packaging also labels each brush and gives a description of what each on is used for:

 - Detailer Brush

- Pointed Foundation Brush

- Buffing Brush

- Contour Brush

 - Base Shadow Brush

- Deluxe Crease Brush

- Accent Brush

- Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush

- Brow Brush

I would definatley recommend these =] x
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  1. Love these brushes - I am going to pick up the eyeshadow ones next. I have the stippling, powder and blusher brush and I love them!

  2. These are actually brilliant, to say I wud usually pay jus less than £20 for 1 brush here I got a full set can't go wrong really am pleased with them not only r they soft they pick colour very well, I've heard too much about the stippling brush its gna b my buy, what do u use urs for? x

  3. Glad I read your review on these was thinking about giving them a try.

    I need a new stippling brush too!

    Hollie x

  4. They wrk out expensive in singles yet cheaper in packs plus they're in full sizes x I keep reason loadsa reviews on stippling brush I've heard its a multi purpose use brush x

  5. Oh great review hun! I hadnt read any reviews on the packs before. Think I will give them a buy! And can I just say how pretty you are! Your eyes are gorge! xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

  6. Aww thank u! Yeh these brushes are definitely a must I'm dying to buy a stippling brush. Plus the price is a bigger bargain x

  7. i only have the expert brush and i love it! i ordered also from iherb the starter set and i can't wait to try them!

    1. They are amazing n the price is even better x


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