Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New Additions - Revlon Lip Butters and Revlon Just Bitten

You will have heard about these badboys, when I 1st saw their Revlon Lip Butters I was straight down to my local Boots store. I purchased three Lip Butters and have to admit I have been in love since, they are very creamy textured however I have found I have to re-apply quite often and to be honest I don't actually mind doing so because I really love these.

Then I saw a review on the Revlon Just Bitten Balms and because I was so pleased with the Lip Butters these were a must for me so with the excuse of needing to buy nappies I headed down to my local Boots store again and got my hands on these. I dont know if its true but I seem to think the Just Bitten Balms colour develops deeper after a while of applying and I also seemed to find they gave a tingly sensation and a gorgeous minty smell. Anyway I came home and eagerly tried these out and must say once again I was not disappointed! I was amazed by the colour these chunky crayons let off, I thought surely it will wear away because of the texture but they stain your lips so that aint a issue.


  • Just Bitten Balms have a minty frangrance Lip Butters dont 
  • Just Bitten Balms stain your lips so you dont have to keep re-applying
  • Lips do slightly dry out with Just Bitten Balms but I just apply a gloss or some Vaseline
Overall view I'm in love and addicted! these have become a must essential for my make-up bag.

Do any of you own these? What are your views?

=] x


  1. I love the shades you chose! I am currently waiting for Lip Butters I ordered to arrive, this has made me excited! :)

    I found you on the BBU blog hop!


  2. I really do love these fouldnt resist I've added another one to the collection just today! if u love the lip butters ull defo love the just bitten loadable balms too! thanx for the review I'm following you through GFC would love 4u to follow bak x

  3. Found you on BBU blog hop
    I haven't tried any of the lip balms, yet.. Hehe

    You have a lovely blog x

  4. Aww thank u! u seriously should there amazing I wouldn't ever turn back n there good for ur lips too! Thanks for viewing my blog will have a look at urs x

  5. Love your blog! We found you on BBU Blog Hop.
    We definitely want to try one of those balm stains out! Following...follow back?

    Kendall & Tiana

  6. Thanks for following will defo follow u back nw, these are by far one of my best lip products even compared to lippys xxx

  7. Love sweet tart and berry smoothie!
    I have raspberry pie, but i don't know if i don't like it or that i have to get used to the product and the colour.



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