Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mini elf haul!

Hearing everyone talk about elf, I followed them on Twitter. I read loads of reviews mainly about the make-up brushes. So I thought why not head over to the website and have a look. Elf provide a mixture of products and some very unique too. 

I've been wanting to try the Stippling brush by Real Techniques to go with the collection I already have (I also have a separate post on them), seeing the elf stippling brush at a very decent and cheap price (£3.75) I thought I would check there's out too. To be honest the price I paid for the elf Stippling brush it is pretty decent I would still however like to try the Real Technique's brush so I can make a fair judgement as this was my first Stippling brush.

I also bought a Matte Finisher nail varnish one of the unique products I bought. I think this a genius idea you simply apply the nail varnish colour of your choice and the Matte Finisher is used as a top coat and its as simple as that! Costing only £2.50 this is less than your general nail varnishes so I thought why not give it a try. I'm pleased I bought this.

Lock & Seal is a product I read a review on another unique product I bought. When I first read the review I was amazed because I had never seen anything like it. Costing only £3.75 I thought I'll give it a go. This product is applied over eyeshadows and does basically what it is called! It also intensifies colour.which is great. This product is like a primer but used on top of eyeshadows and definatley protects and makes the colour last. It is also mentioned you can use this over blusher but personally it will be pretty difficult as you have a small brush and small pot. However the brush which comes with this kit is of amazing quality which I was suprised to see, I will be getting more use out of the brush for eyeshadow application too.

I also bought the Studio Eyelash Kit for the price of £3.75 how can you really go wrong??? The kit has a set of eyelashes, eyelashes stand, eyelashes glue and eyelashes applicator. Another amazing product for an absolute bargain price! Usually for this price you are able to pick up just eyelashes on their own. The applicator is so useful saves you poking your eyes out when your trying to apply and evenly holds lashes firm to the eye. I've not actually used the stand so it would be fair for me not to comment but I'm sure would be very handy.

Finally the last unique product I bought is the Eye Transformer palette now you will be wondering what that is! There is a few ways to use this product; you can mix one of the Eye Transformer shades with a eyeshadow of your choice, apply before putting eyeshadow on or after applying eyeshadow. Each different technique creates a different look. Basically adds shimmer or transforms the eyeshadow into a metallic eyeshadow. It also works as a primer helps eyeshadow last longer. The colours in this palette can also be worn alone! Cost - £3.75!

Overall view - Very pleased =]
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Website: http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk


  1. Ooh great haul Aqeela!I have lots from ELF but don't think I have any of these :)


  2. They are brill, my fav is the 'Eye Transformer' its a brill invention! I actually went on to buy brushes lol I'd like to try their blushers too but forgot to check em out lol x

  3. Great buys :) Ive never tried ELF, I should really check them out everyone seems to love them xox

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  4. That's wt I did n kept pusjin it off being lazy originally I was meant to be goin on to check the brushes out and I ended up with these they really hav got sm amazin products especially under the studio range x

  5. Great haul! I have the lock and seal too, Kinda wish I bought the matte nail polish top coat though! X

  6. Thanks hun, brilliant unusual products I found eyeshadow lasts so much longer with lock & seal I think the matte finish is an amazing invention x


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