Tuesday, 31 July 2012

MAC Madness!

Just like every other girl who loves I have a absolute mad addiction for make-up and as for MAC ... I could stand and look at the products all day long! I always try every product cheap or expensive is a irrelevant matter for me. I'm a big believer in if you have a true talent of working with make-up then brand/price should not matter. Anyway I love MAC beyond belief the packaging and products come in a simple but sophisticated black. I've come across products on Amazon and eBay where there is companies selling palettes and MAC products I must warn you be aware! They are fake! Unless the seller is genuine i.e. is selling items they have used unwanted, if they are selling in batches then this is pretty obvious they are fake items specially the palettes they are very common.

Anyway here is a pic of my MAC collection!


  1. awesome collection! I'm so reluctant to try vibrant colours! I just have loads of shades of brown haha!x

    1. My collection has more than tripled since this post lol x


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