Friday, 20 July 2012

Love Lila - a insight on my fashion side

Here's a slightly different post to my usual make up this one is fashion related. Love Lila is another brand I stumbled across on Twitter, so when I had a look on the website after hearing my mate mention they have some biker jackets, I didnt hold much hope because I had been lookin for one for some time and had no luck at all infact I'd actually given up. To my suprise I wasn't disappointed I instantly fell in love! Not only had I found a biker jacket but this one was a different style to the rest it has a detachable fur collar, patchwork style on the elbows and has diamond shape stitching and because I love to be different I was in love to add to all this they also had a 40% offer so luck really must have been on my side. Excitedly I went to put my order in but all my excitement was washed away as they didn't have any mediums left unfortunatley jackets & coats are a struggle for me I'm usually a size 8-10 but because I have broad shoulders and muscly arms I end up having to get a medium with jackets & coats =[ disheartedly I gave up and had to force myself away from the screen. Although I'd lost hope I still decided to send a tweet to Love Lila about my concern, the lady was so helpful and explained she has the same problem as me but the jacket in a small size seemed to fit well on her and if I wasn't happy with the product I can return it so plucking up my courage I put my order in. Delivery was pretty quick too! When my parcel came I ripped through the packaging and tried the jacket on. Overall view amazed I was I really love it and cant get enough I can create soo many diff looks with it!

Why don't you head over and check out the website and the amazing products at Make sure to follow them on Twitter @missy_lovelila and take part in their weekly competitions.

So have any of you bought from Love Lila or what are your views generally? Head over and check them out you wont be disappointed :) x

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