Monday, 23 July 2012

Betrousse Beauty Box Review

So I was sent a Betrousse Beauty Box to review and to be fair it wasn't my cup of tea as I would prefer a subscription mainly for make-up products and this beauty box didn't contain any. All the brands that were in this box were non that I was familiar with or heard of. On the positive side the packaging of the box I must say was well presented and the other plus side was all products were in full sizes and there was no sachets which for me are a big put off. Packaging for the products were up to standards.

I wouldn't use the following:
LPG (cellulite moisturizer - pic 2) Simply because I'm just really funny with unfamiliar body products
Lanoline (body moisturizer - pic 3) for the same reason as above
OceAnge (pic4) as this is a anti-aging product. 

To be honest the only two products I would use out this box are the hand sanitizer (pic 5) and the Papaya Ointment (pic 6).

Contents of the box total an amount of £131.69 according to the leaflet.

Overall view if you are an audience who enjoy body products then yes believe you would enjoy this box.


  1. Sounds like a great beauty box especially for the value of the products!

    Just found your blog through the BBU Blog hop, now following! Hope you can take a look at my blog too?

    Laura xx

  2. Thanks n yep is a gr8 beauty box just tht I prefer make up products, thanks for the follow nw following bak x

  3. I used the lanolin cream and it's actually really nice, i was abit sceptical too, but it's good!

    Beth x

  4. It just didn't appeal to me but hey that might just be me n unfamiliar products we dnt get on :)

  5. mmm... never really heard of any of those products either...i know what you mean about too many
    unfamiliar think they would have done a mix of both makeup and beauty.

    By the way i found you via the BBU bloghop

    Come say hi!!

  6. I'm definatley a make-up fan I will try anything if its make-up even if I'm unfamiliar with it but skin care products are somethin I like to stick with what I'm familiar with, I appreciate they have to cover all ages but I dont think putting a anti-ageing product was a gud idea, yeah I wud of thought a mixture with make-up products wud be nice

    Thanks for popping over ... will have a look at urs xx

  7. Awh hopefully next time you will get products more suited to you!
    Found you through BBU bloghop :) followed via GFC! Kirsty xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

  8. I've found a new beauty box which I'm lookin to try hopefully will have more beauty products, thanks for following will follow u bak x


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