Friday, 6 July 2012

Beauty Tips!

  • If you have trouble removing tough make-up or even ran out of make up remover dont worry just use a tad bit of baby oil, specially on eyes as it will nourish your lashes.
  • Want healthy long lashes - each night apply a thoughtful amount of Vaseline to your lash line, or if you have Olive Oil dip a ear bud in and apply to the lash line.
  •  There is no need to buy eye make-up corrector pens - apply eye make-up remover to a ear bud and correct where you need to its just as precise but a cheaper option.
  • Avoid sleeping with mascara on as this can cause lashes to fall out and its not healthy - did you know this also encourages the little bugs which live on our eyelashes to multiply! 
  • Trouble getting the right shape eyebrows??? Well not any more before shaping your eyebrows just pencil/brush them in.
  • When removing make up from eyes remember to be gentle as the skin around our eyes is very delicate and easily prone to getting lines/wrinkles way before you need them.
  • We seem to forget about lips when it comes to exfoliating/nourishing, mix a bit of water with sugar and scrub the lips, Sugar is a natural exfoliator for lips.
  • Always keep them nourished - Vaseline is a good source.  
  • Avoid licking your lips when its cold this causes your lips to get very sore.
  • Mix Almond oil with honey and apply to lips each night to keep them from drying.
  • Want fuller looking lips - apply lip liner then blend with a lip brush and add lipgloss.
  • Apply juice from the skin of lemons to avoid black lips.
  • To avoid blackheads/spots avoid build up of oils on your face by strictly keeping a routine of cleansing/exfoliating.
  • Always keep up to washing your make-up brushes as you can imagine what will build up in them over time allowing filth to get into your pores.
  • Regularly steaming your face helps your pores remove all the dirt, always remember to splash your face with cold water afterwards so this closes your pores again then apply moisturizer.
  • Make sure you know your skin type and use products accordingly.
  •  Drinking water and green tea keeps your skin healthy.  
  • Using a slice of tomato apply the pulp to area where you have black heads leave for ten mins then rinse, tomato's are a natural source of cleansing properties.
  • Once you have finished painting your nails you will find you might have excess nail varnish around the nail - simple all you need to do is dip a ear bud in nail varnish remover and neaten around the nail.
  • Make sure your hands and nails are moisturized regularly.
  • Add shine to your nails by massaging coconut oil.
  •  Drink fresh carrot juice daily, this is high in calcium and phosphorus and is excellent for strengthening nails.
  • Not drinking enough water can lead to weak nails and cause them to constantly split.

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