Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Review of the MUA Poptastic Palette

As you will all have read previously I have blogged about MUA Cosmetics, so I decided I would blog about the Poptastic Palette as this has since become a all time favourite of mine, I'm using this daily as it is very much me has lovely bright and strongly pigmented colours. I have found that these colours are very build-able so the stronger you want the colour the more you build upon it although the palette comes with a applicator I prefer using a brush aswell as it makes blending much easier. I dont know about you guys but I love palettes and prefer them over singles as it is much more convenient. I have many palette's but struggle to find a palette which contains every bright colour in one so I tend to find myself using more than one palette. Not no longer since I've purchased the Poptastic palette with 5 beautiful shades, I even packed this palette in my hospital bag! 

So as you can see from the swatches the colours are very strongly pigmented. The palette contains a colour of every main shade. the above right pic of the swatches the palette contains: 
  1. Light shade of purple 
  2. Matt shade of light blue
  3. Lovely shimmery cream colour ideal for highlighting or could be used on its own for a natural look, 
  4. Two tone purple which I must say you have to try to know how amazing the two tone is on this purple
  5. Strong gold colour 
  6. Metalic light blue

On the left side:
     7. Unusual turqouise green
     8. Shocking bright pink
     9. Sea blue
   10. Gorgeous baby pink
   11. Electric Blue
   12. Dark blue

So as you can see from the colours you have a good variety of light, dark, bright, pastel, shimmery, metalic, matt and natural colour. All this in one palette and just for four pounds enabled me to create so many amazing looks. Below are some pics I have created using this palette. 

TIP: these colours work brilliant with water too I use a slanted eyeliner brush which I gently wet and use under my waterline =]

For this look I used colours number 6,8 & 9.

For the look below I used 3, 4, 8 & 10.

Hope you enjoyed. Make sure you head over to MUA Cosmetics to check out their amazing products at such cheap prices, they are also on Twitter @MUAcosmetics. Would love to hear reviews from others who have used this or any other MUA products =]

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