Saturday, 9 June 2012


 Soon after joining Twitter, I came across the craze of personalized jutes. My 1st impressions were they are attractive but the more I saw these jute's the more I was crazed by the sight of them only problem I had was I couldn't find a reason as for why or what I can use mine for. Then the perfect excuse jumped to mind, I could use it as baby changing bag! So excitedly I looked through all the talented ladies all brilliant in their own ways. I was attracted to a specific design, made an enquiry regarding prices etc. the lady was sooo helpful and polite, I had decided once I get some money I wanted to purchase the perfect one I had seen. As time went on I ended up coming across another lady who had offered to do a half price offer, just like any other person I paid the cheaper price as we all struggle to say no to a bargain. The service I then received from the other lady was not pleasant I was ignored by her for 10 days while she enjoyed a break away. Anyway had I have been patient I wouldn't have had to suffer the bag at the top of the page is what I received after a awful dispute with the lady, being slightly disappointed the saying 'if you want something doing properly, do it yourself' came to mind. As I have a creative and artistic side to me I got to work.... the pic below is what I transformed this bag into! I added more effect to the hair, made the font bigger, added loads more black out lining all over, added more tones and shades to the dress, painted a nose, made the lips more attractive and other bits and bobs. I have learnt my lesson and will be careful in choosing a bargain over quality! These bags are worn by celebs from all over and are great for multi purpose use. I am looking to buy another few soon, recommendations I would say are
  • Randy Bagz Ltd - creates her own unique dolls, brill detail and effort on the dolls
  • Bag Me Beautiful - have your very own photo transformed as a doll 
  • Claireabella Designs - one of the very 1st ladies to start the craze of personalized jutes again full of talent
I am sure there are many more out there all full of talent and unique in their own way, all of the above hold their own beauty in creating such gorgeous jutes. I hope you enjoyed this post, when I get some more jutes I will definatley update you guys, but as usual I'd like to request all of you for views and opinions :-)


  1. love how you have changed the bag. it makes it stand out way more than before xx

  2. I'm well chuffed with myself x


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