Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Journey of Make-up In My Life

This post is slightly different to the rest as I am not reviewing any certain type of product/brand but more so about my hobby and for a insight into the background of make-up and the influence it has in my life. 

The most important place in my life is in my room...at my dressing table, this is the one place where I zone out and do what I enjoy doing the most.
My passion for beauty started from when I was younger than 10! I used to drop my felt tips and drawings and sneak into my sisters room at every opportunity I got, I used to practice putting on eyeliner at the age of 12. I loved exploring with the textures of each different types of make up and tools. Apologies I don't have pics from then as I used to have to run to wipe it off before she ever realised, however she did notice her stuff going missing over the years that came hehe. Couple of the brands I really loved and remember using were Body Shop and No7, these products are still running years later! 

So as I've gt older I furthered my artistic side by doing GCSE Art, and as times gone over and over I explored ahead in the world of make up and all the different brands.This is why for me my place of exploring is my dressing table, as soon as I step into the space of my dressing table I ease off all the stresses as it is a way I release stress. So I'm sure you can understand how much make-up and my dressing table mean to me =]! I have also started doing make up on clients. I've not attended a single make-up course or been taught by anyone.

So from slowly stealing my sisters make up, I went onto buying my own, as I started work I went onto buying batches of expensive make up at a time, there was a point where I had no room left to organize it so I decided to invest in a dressing table. At 1st all the dressing tables I was seeing were not what I wanted or didn't have enough space for storage. I wanted something special, something elegant, different and stylish! I searched for months on end and had no luck. Then one day I walked into Harvey's to look for a new bed and I saw the most amazing and jaw dropping dressing table....but the price was way too much it was  £1200 + =[.
I still didn't give up hope so I got busy looking on the internet as I had a exact idea of what I wanted. I started saving for the one I had seen in Harvey's as I still prepared in case I couldn't find one on the internet. After days of searching there it was the perfect one with the same type of mirror I wanted....
This is the pic of my most favourite place....

This is the most precious place and now you can see why!

Here are some of the looks I've created... ENJOY =]


  1. loved this post:) that dressing table is perfect xx

  2. Aww thanx, yes the dressing table is my life looks small in pic but had to stand halfway dwn the hall to tek a pic cos its actually massive xx

  3. hi aqeela,
    I would love to say "you are so beautiful"! You are eye are so gorgeous! And I think the above dressing table is great option to have great option to have great personality as like you.

    1. Thank u soooo much hun means alot to me if anyone reads this post xx


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