Saturday, 9 June 2012

The £20 Makeup Challenge!

Want to create a easy but gorgeous make-up look and that for cheap too! Well I love this look, its so quick and easy to create, the more I do it the more I explore n the better it looks each time! Just follow the steps below and your ready to go!

  1. Cover your eyelid upto your crease with the darkest shade.
  2. Next I used my favorite purple, I applied this from my crease upto the bone, then I blended the two in together really well.
  3. On the next step I used a highlighter to lighten from the bone to below my eyebrow, I also highlighted below my waterline.
  4.  Finally to really bring this look out and make it stand out I used a eyeliner on my waterline and top eyelid and stretched the eyeliner right out.
  • Always make sure you have a variety of different sized brushes.
  • Blend very well use more colour if you need to.
  • Try use more shades of each colour.
  • Never be scared to try daring colours.
  • If you are going for a look with heavy eye make-up then use a more natural/suttle lippy colour and same if you are going for a bright look on your lips then a natural look for the eyes.
All eyeshadows used were from MUA Cosmetics and only a pound each! Even the lippy and blusher I used was from MUA Cosmetics and again only a pound each! You can also follow them on Twitter @MUAcosmetics.
I hope you enjoyed my blog and definatley keep me updated if you try this look, I would be very intrested to hear your views and opinions.


  1. This blogpost looks so much better with the pictures!! Love the eye makeup so much

  2. I kno builds a better image plus helps others to c hw easily I created it x

  3. Love the eyemakeup! Gorgeous! Xx

  4. thanks I will be doin more posts on how to create make up looks will try make them realistic n easily achievable xx


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