Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fashion Galore - Funky Divaa

If you're like me and you love fashion, trending and bargains then you must read on....

I came across first came across Funky Divaa on Twitter, where I read the tweet about their birthday offer 50% off everything! Finding this unbelievable I headed over to Funky Divaa's website and to my surprise I wanted everything. The stuff they have is AMAZING at BARGAIN prices, I benefited even further by gaining 50% off!!!

So anxiously I placed my order and got loads for a quarter of the price I would usually pay. I definatley wasn't disappointed and it wasn't long before I placed another order just 4 days later!

The clothes are amazing and are exactly what you see on the website, usually clothes at cheap prices are not very good quality or you are often shown something of a better quality to what you would actually receive, this wasn't the case with Funky Divaa. Not only just all the above but most importantly they have all the latest trends and their stuff. All the people who I have recommended Funky Divaa to have ordered and not been disappointed.

Post update: Just recently I have actually won one of the giveaways....YES I won =D! All I did to enter the giveaway was RT tweets and tweeted to my followers about the giveaway and I won this gorgeous dress below

So head over to and get ordering! 

Dont miss out!

Also Follow them on Twitter they always have offers and daily free giveaways!

I will be uploading pics of all the items I bought very soon! 

If you've ordered from them I would definatley like to know your views 

=] X

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