Monday, 11 June 2012

Eyecurl* II

Ever won a treat just my taking part in a discussion on a subject you really enjoy talking about ... Guess what I did! I was on Twitter and came across @Eyecurl, they were holding a discussion about everyone's favourite mascara's, all I did was recommend my favourite mascara "They're Real" by Benefit and attached the following pic in my tweet to show why.

So I logged on one day and found I'd actually been selected as one of the winners!!! I was suprised as all I had done was take part in a discussion on a subject I absolutley love! Eyecurl were great they gave me the option to choose which colour Eyecurl (heated eyelash curler) I wanted, they even informed me of when they were posting my prize and when I should receive it by. So as they had advised I received my prize in a padded envelope with a very kind letter congratulating me, the heated Eyecurl came in a gorgeous and sophisticated packaging.

So excitedly I read the instructions and got busy away, I tried Eyecurl out. The results were suprisingly amazing.

On the left is a before pic and on the right is a after pic. I haven't got any pics with mascara applied to show you the difference but if this is the result without then can you imagine the result with mascara?! You also get a lil brush with Eyecurl to make cleaning easier. The results are amazingly noticeable, Eyecurl is pain free and very easy to use with indicators to show Eyecurl is on and a further three indicators to show once it is fully heated and ready to use. If I'm honest I've never tried heated eyelash curlers before but now I wish I had. I am very thankful to Eyecurl and would definatley recommend them. So get following peeps @eyecurl =].
TIP: If you want a very natural look, use Eyecurl then apply Vaseline and your ready to go. Vaseline is also brilliant for making lashes grow back 2x quicker and keeps them healthy!

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