Friday, 29 June 2012

Do It Yourself Make-Up Look - With Steps!

 As I've been promising to blog about make-up looks and steps, this post is a walk through of steps on how to create this make-up look. I've added pictures as well as I've found they can be really helpful specially with some people who have to see as they follow. I try to use products that are well known and try make the walk through steps simple and realistically achievable to follow and create. Apologies for the difference in lighting on the pics.

I always start with the brightest/lightest colour first, working from the inner eye, on this look I am using white by Body Shop and going a quarter of the way in.

Next I used a Turquoise green from the MUA Poptastic Palette (mentioned on previous post). I used this green from where the white finished and applied it all the way out, the more I'm making my way towards the outer eye the higher I am stretching the colour aswell (above the eye bone). I then applied electric blue by MAC three quarters of the way along the eye and worked towards the outer eye diagonally as you can see below. If you wanted to be very bold and daring you could leave the eyes like this as they look really effective.

 However I've still uploaded a pic below of how this looked once I had blended really well. There is many different types of blending brushes, I like the one I have by Bobbi Brown it is fairly small but very puffy and wide, I find the puffier the brush the better it is for blending large area's and because the hairs of this brush are short in length it makes it much easier to see and concentrate on where I am blending. 

I finished the eyes off by brushing my eyebrows in, this is a must for me because I've got very thin and faint eyebrows brushing in is definatley the best option it looks more natural, penciling my eyebrows would look way too fake. I've used many products on my eyebrows the best one and my favourite one is by Body Shop. If however you have really dark eyebrows or intensley want to define your eyebrows then slightly wet your brush and this makes a massive difference. But for me defining the eyebrows really does bring the eyes out you can see the difference for yourself. I also used Black Track Fluidline by MAC as my eyeliner and because this is a slightly dramatic look I've taken the eye liner right along with where the blue finishes.
Last of all I used a highlighting colour below the eyebrow and blended into the rest of the colours.

I finished off the whole look by contouring to do this I highlighted in a c shape sweeping around the eye but intensifying just along the cheek bone, then I used a brown shimmery blusher and applied just below where I had finished with the highlighter. I used a coral lipstick for a more nude look as I find if you are going to do the eyes quite heavy the lips should be more neutral, also when using greens/blues brown blusher and coral/brown lippys look better than pink.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to know your feedback or if you try this look =]


  1. loved this post!! I experiemented today with my MUA poptastic palette it turned out surprisingly well:)

    thanks for the inpiration<3

  2. Thanks for the feedback hun

    Will be doing more soon xx


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