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Friday, 29 June 2012

Do It Yourself Make-Up Look - With Steps!

 As I've been promising to blog about make-up looks and steps, this post is a walk through of steps on how to create this make-up look. I've added pictures as well as I've found they can be really helpful specially with some people who have to see as they follow. I try to use products that are well known and try make the walk through steps simple and realistically achievable to follow and create. Apologies for the difference in lighting on the pics.

I always start with the brightest/lightest colour first, working from the inner eye, on this look I am using white by Body Shop and going a quarter of the way in.

Next I used a Turquoise green from the MUA Poptastic Palette (mentioned on previous post). I used this green from where the white finished and applied it all the way out, the more I'm making my way towards the outer eye the higher I am stretching the colour aswell (above the eye bone). I then applied electric blue by MAC three quarters of the way along the eye and worked towards the outer eye diagonally as you can see below. If you wanted to be very bold and daring you could leave the eyes like this as they look really effective.

 However I've still uploaded a pic below of how this looked once I had blended really well. There is many different types of blending brushes, I like the one I have by Bobbi Brown it is fairly small but very puffy and wide, I find the puffier the brush the better it is for blending large area's and because the hairs of this brush are short in length it makes it much easier to see and concentrate on where I am blending. 

I finished the eyes off by brushing my eyebrows in, this is a must for me because I've got very thin and faint eyebrows brushing in is definatley the best option it looks more natural, penciling my eyebrows would look way too fake. I've used many products on my eyebrows the best one and my favourite one is by Body Shop. If however you have really dark eyebrows or intensley want to define your eyebrows then slightly wet your brush and this makes a massive difference. But for me defining the eyebrows really does bring the eyes out you can see the difference for yourself. I also used Black Track Fluidline by MAC as my eyeliner and because this is a slightly dramatic look I've taken the eye liner right along with where the blue finishes.
Last of all I used a highlighting colour below the eyebrow and blended into the rest of the colours.

I finished off the whole look by contouring to do this I highlighted in a c shape sweeping around the eye but intensifying just along the cheek bone, then I used a brown shimmery blusher and applied just below where I had finished with the highlighter. I used a coral lipstick for a more nude look as I find if you are going to do the eyes quite heavy the lips should be more neutral, also when using greens/blues brown blusher and coral/brown lippys look better than pink.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to know your feedback or if you try this look =]

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Review of the MUA Poptastic Palette

As you will all have read previously I have blogged about MUA Cosmetics, so I decided I would blog about the Poptastic Palette as this has since become a all time favourite of mine, I'm using this daily as it is very much me has lovely bright and strongly pigmented colours. I have found that these colours are very build-able so the stronger you want the colour the more you build upon it although the palette comes with a applicator I prefer using a brush aswell as it makes blending much easier. I dont know about you guys but I love palettes and prefer them over singles as it is much more convenient. I have many palette's but struggle to find a palette which contains every bright colour in one so I tend to find myself using more than one palette. Not no longer since I've purchased the Poptastic palette with 5 beautiful shades, I even packed this palette in my hospital bag! 

So as you can see from the swatches the colours are very strongly pigmented. The palette contains a colour of every main shade. the above right pic of the swatches the palette contains: 
  1. Light shade of purple 
  2. Matt shade of light blue
  3. Lovely shimmery cream colour ideal for highlighting or could be used on its own for a natural look, 
  4. Two tone purple which I must say you have to try to know how amazing the two tone is on this purple
  5. Strong gold colour 
  6. Metalic light blue

On the left side:
     7. Unusual turqouise green
     8. Shocking bright pink
     9. Sea blue
   10. Gorgeous baby pink
   11. Electric Blue
   12. Dark blue

So as you can see from the colours you have a good variety of light, dark, bright, pastel, shimmery, metalic, matt and natural colour. All this in one palette and just for four pounds enabled me to create so many amazing looks. Below are some pics I have created using this palette. 

TIP: these colours work brilliant with water too I use a slanted eyeliner brush which I gently wet and use under my waterline =]

For this look I used colours number 6,8 & 9.

For the look below I used 3, 4, 8 & 10.

Hope you enjoyed. Make sure you head over to MUA Cosmetics to check out their amazing products at such cheap prices, they are also on Twitter @MUAcosmetics. Would love to hear reviews from others who have used this or any other MUA products =]

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Journey of Make-up In My Life

This post is slightly different to the rest as I am not reviewing any certain type of product/brand but more so about my hobby and for a insight into the background of make-up and the influence it has in my life. 

The most important place in my life is in my my dressing table, this is the one place where I zone out and do what I enjoy doing the most.
My passion for beauty started from when I was younger than 10! I used to drop my felt tips and drawings and sneak into my sisters room at every opportunity I got, I used to practice putting on eyeliner at the age of 12. I loved exploring with the textures of each different types of make up and tools. Apologies I don't have pics from then as I used to have to run to wipe it off before she ever realised, however she did notice her stuff going missing over the years that came hehe. Couple of the brands I really loved and remember using were Body Shop and No7, these products are still running years later! 

So as I've gt older I furthered my artistic side by doing GCSE Art, and as times gone over and over I explored ahead in the world of make up and all the different brands.This is why for me my place of exploring is my dressing table, as soon as I step into the space of my dressing table I ease off all the stresses as it is a way I release stress. So I'm sure you can understand how much make-up and my dressing table mean to me =]! I have also started doing make up on clients. I've not attended a single make-up course or been taught by anyone.

So from slowly stealing my sisters make up, I went onto buying my own, as I started work I went onto buying batches of expensive make up at a time, there was a point where I had no room left to organize it so I decided to invest in a dressing table. At 1st all the dressing tables I was seeing were not what I wanted or didn't have enough space for storage. I wanted something special, something elegant, different and stylish! I searched for months on end and had no luck. Then one day I walked into Harvey's to look for a new bed and I saw the most amazing and jaw dropping dressing table....but the price was way too much it was  £1200 + =[.
I still didn't give up hope so I got busy looking on the internet as I had a exact idea of what I wanted. I started saving for the one I had seen in Harvey's as I still prepared in case I couldn't find one on the internet. After days of searching there it was the perfect one with the same type of mirror I wanted....
This is the pic of my most favourite place....

This is the most precious place and now you can see why!

Here are some of the looks I've created... ENJOY =]

Monday, 25 June 2012

BBLOGGERS UNITE: Red Carpet Makeup Challenge

OK so being a new mum contains a lot of sleepless nights as we all know, I was having a read through blogs waiting for my baby's feed time and I came across a blog where someone had entered the reading on this interested me, BBloggers Unite are holding a fun and interesting challenge which expires on 25/06/12 @ 4pm! So having a read through, it seemed quite simple.

So the look I created is this: 

So the challenge is to create a look which relates to the theme "Red Carpet", what sprung to my mind was looking elegant and classy.

The reason why I chose this look was because it is and simple to do, using just two make up products costing £5 in total and took just less than 5 mins to create!!!

It will also go with any colour dress, for me I would wear a black dress with red killer heels and bright red nail varnish to complete the look :)

Tip: I always find if I'm using red lipstick it is better to be very bold with the eyes, so I always use black eyeliner as it is very easy to over do your look.

Items used:
  • MUA Cosmetics cosmetics Lip boom in  "Bring It" colour - £4
  • MUA Cosmetics liquid eyeliner in "Black" colour - £1              
I hope u enjoyed this blog, Why not head over to and check their fun blogs out =].
If you want to be a part of the challenge click this link BBLOGGERS UNITE: Red Carpet Makeup Challenge hurry as the challenge finishes on 25/06/12 @ 4pm!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fashion Galore - Funky Divaa

If you're like me and you love fashion, trending and bargains then you must read on....

I came across first came across Funky Divaa on Twitter, where I read the tweet about their birthday offer 50% off everything! Finding this unbelievable I headed over to Funky Divaa's website and to my surprise I wanted everything. The stuff they have is AMAZING at BARGAIN prices, I benefited even further by gaining 50% off!!!

So anxiously I placed my order and got loads for a quarter of the price I would usually pay. I definatley wasn't disappointed and it wasn't long before I placed another order just 4 days later!

The clothes are amazing and are exactly what you see on the website, usually clothes at cheap prices are not very good quality or you are often shown something of a better quality to what you would actually receive, this wasn't the case with Funky Divaa. Not only just all the above but most importantly they have all the latest trends and their stuff. All the people who I have recommended Funky Divaa to have ordered and not been disappointed.

Post update: Just recently I have actually won one of the giveaways....YES I won =D! All I did to enter the giveaway was RT tweets and tweeted to my followers about the giveaway and I won this gorgeous dress below

So head over to and get ordering! 

Dont miss out!

Also Follow them on Twitter they always have offers and daily free giveaways!

I will be uploading pics of all the items I bought very soon! 

If you've ordered from them I would definatley like to know your views 

=] X

Monday, 11 June 2012

Eyecurl* II

Ever won a treat just my taking part in a discussion on a subject you really enjoy talking about ... Guess what I did! I was on Twitter and came across @Eyecurl, they were holding a discussion about everyone's favourite mascara's, all I did was recommend my favourite mascara "They're Real" by Benefit and attached the following pic in my tweet to show why.

So I logged on one day and found I'd actually been selected as one of the winners!!! I was suprised as all I had done was take part in a discussion on a subject I absolutley love! Eyecurl were great they gave me the option to choose which colour Eyecurl (heated eyelash curler) I wanted, they even informed me of when they were posting my prize and when I should receive it by. So as they had advised I received my prize in a padded envelope with a very kind letter congratulating me, the heated Eyecurl came in a gorgeous and sophisticated packaging.

So excitedly I read the instructions and got busy away, I tried Eyecurl out. The results were suprisingly amazing.

On the left is a before pic and on the right is a after pic. I haven't got any pics with mascara applied to show you the difference but if this is the result without then can you imagine the result with mascara?! You also get a lil brush with Eyecurl to make cleaning easier. The results are amazingly noticeable, Eyecurl is pain free and very easy to use with indicators to show Eyecurl is on and a further three indicators to show once it is fully heated and ready to use. If I'm honest I've never tried heated eyelash curlers before but now I wish I had. I am very thankful to Eyecurl and would definatley recommend them. So get following peeps @eyecurl =].
TIP: If you want a very natural look, use Eyecurl then apply Vaseline and your ready to go. Vaseline is also brilliant for making lashes grow back 2x quicker and keeps them healthy!

Saturday, 9 June 2012


 Soon after joining Twitter, I came across the craze of personalized jutes. My 1st impressions were they are attractive but the more I saw these jute's the more I was crazed by the sight of them only problem I had was I couldn't find a reason as for why or what I can use mine for. Then the perfect excuse jumped to mind, I could use it as baby changing bag! So excitedly I looked through all the talented ladies all brilliant in their own ways. I was attracted to a specific design, made an enquiry regarding prices etc. the lady was sooo helpful and polite, I had decided once I get some money I wanted to purchase the perfect one I had seen. As time went on I ended up coming across another lady who had offered to do a half price offer, just like any other person I paid the cheaper price as we all struggle to say no to a bargain. The service I then received from the other lady was not pleasant I was ignored by her for 10 days while she enjoyed a break away. Anyway had I have been patient I wouldn't have had to suffer the bag at the top of the page is what I received after a awful dispute with the lady, being slightly disappointed the saying 'if you want something doing properly, do it yourself' came to mind. As I have a creative and artistic side to me I got to work.... the pic below is what I transformed this bag into! I added more effect to the hair, made the font bigger, added loads more black out lining all over, added more tones and shades to the dress, painted a nose, made the lips more attractive and other bits and bobs. I have learnt my lesson and will be careful in choosing a bargain over quality! These bags are worn by celebs from all over and are great for multi purpose use. I am looking to buy another few soon, recommendations I would say are
  • Randy Bagz Ltd - creates her own unique dolls, brill detail and effort on the dolls
  • Bag Me Beautiful - have your very own photo transformed as a doll 
  • Claireabella Designs - one of the very 1st ladies to start the craze of personalized jutes again full of talent
I am sure there are many more out there all full of talent and unique in their own way, all of the above hold their own beauty in creating such gorgeous jutes. I hope you enjoyed this post, when I get some more jutes I will definatley update you guys, but as usual I'd like to request all of you for views and opinions :-)

The £20 Makeup Challenge!

Want to create a easy but gorgeous make-up look and that for cheap too! Well I love this look, its so quick and easy to create, the more I do it the more I explore n the better it looks each time! Just follow the steps below and your ready to go!

  1. Cover your eyelid upto your crease with the darkest shade.
  2. Next I used my favorite purple, I applied this from my crease upto the bone, then I blended the two in together really well.
  3. On the next step I used a highlighter to lighten from the bone to below my eyebrow, I also highlighted below my waterline.
  4.  Finally to really bring this look out and make it stand out I used a eyeliner on my waterline and top eyelid and stretched the eyeliner right out.
  • Always make sure you have a variety of different sized brushes.
  • Blend very well use more colour if you need to.
  • Try use more shades of each colour.
  • Never be scared to try daring colours.
  • If you are going for a look with heavy eye make-up then use a more natural/suttle lippy colour and same if you are going for a bright look on your lips then a natural look for the eyes.
All eyeshadows used were from MUA Cosmetics and only a pound each! Even the lippy and blusher I used was from MUA Cosmetics and again only a pound each! You can also follow them on Twitter @MUAcosmetics.
I hope you enjoyed my blog and definatley keep me updated if you try this look, I would be very intrested to hear your views and opinions.