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Friday, 25 May 2012

Sleep-In Rollers!

<3 Sleep-in Rollers <3    

 Ok so some of you might be aware of these already as many celebrities have these and have been seen on scousewives! They are literally the hottest hair trend on Twitter at the moment. For full info about them or to buy one of the many products Sleep-in Rollers sell then just click here Sleep-in Rollers. Anyway so I ordered mine as I love to try everything and they cost just £16.50 (including P&P!).
So I received my Sleep-in Rollers in this gorgeous bag


I also ordered a drying hood                        ====>

These gorgeous sponges coated in velcro are extremely comfy which is why they are designed to go to sleep in with no discomfort. As you can also see they come in a sexy hot pink colour, making them attractive aswell as comfy. I must admit it took me a few attempts as I dont like to give up and enjoy trying different ways to get the best results! So once I got the hang of how to get best results I decided to blog about them, so following are the tips I discovered:
  • They seem to work the best in my hair once damp! (This was the biggest thing I realised)
  • Easier to put into hair while its wet as I have soo many layers that I slightly struggled to get my hair to roll around the curlers neatly whilst dry
  • If you are leaving them in over night then secure each roller with your hair by using bobby-pins
  • If you are planning to use the hood to dry your hair I would avoid using bobby-pins as they heat up and caused kinks in my hair
  • I used products of my desire whilst my hair was damp as I was applying them close to the roots I dont know about yours but my hair gets greasy very quick if products are applied too close to my scalp and roots, by applying it to damp hair its not so harsh on your roots and wont cause your hair to be weighed down with product
  • Finally if you want to define your curls for a different/going out look I used my GHD's just to run over certain sections and really make my curls stand out see pics below
So these pics are form when I applied the curlers to my hair while it was damp, I also sprayed Bedhead Thickening spray and hairdryed my hair giving my hair a volumized and naturally bouncy look

 And for the pics below I went thru alternative strands and slightly defined my curls more for a night out/curlier effect, obviously I could have just used my GHD's to create this look but the volume wouldn't be there and the effect wouldn't be the same

So these are my tips, I hope you enjoyed this post, if you haven't already got yourself some of these badboys they are definatley worth buying and worth the price as you get 20 rollers in gorgeous pull string bag. Just click this link Sleep-in Rollers they also sell other products i.e. fringe roller, Milkshake hair products and many more. They can also be followed on twitter @SLEEPROLLERS

Finally if you have any tips different to mine I would love to know, leave me a comment below =] 


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