Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mythic Oil

Ok so how much do you love ur hair???

For me maintaining my hair is really important this isn't just going for regular hair cuts at the hairdressers. 
So anyway I went for a usual trim at my hair dressers n my stylist recommended this product to me >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mythic Oil!!!

My stylist knows how my hair gets oily if weighed down with too much product, but when he told me how good this stuff is and used it on my hair the result was amazing!
So now everytime I've washed, dryed and straightend my hair I apply this prod. 
It is very lightweight the more you rub into ur hair the more the goodness of this oil dissolves INTO ur hair, leaving it nourished and shiny specially my ends and layers.  You can actually feel how lightweight this product is when u rub it through your hands!

The ingredients of Mythic Oil are the main key to this product, as it is enriched with a special blend of avocado and grape seed oil.

So if you love your hair this product is a must! Might be slightly pricey but a couple of pumps is all u need and it lasts ages =]

Tip - this oil can also be used on hands and face!

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