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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Foundation choices

Ok so I've used many foundations both cheap and expensive brands my top 3 fav's are
  •  Minerals - as these products contain no chemicals, have the very minimum ingredients (only four ingredients I think)! The best product to use on your skin as it will cause no harm. I also found u can build up coverage aswel if you like a heavier look or if your topping up from a day look to a night look. Overall main thing is your skin can still breathe which means no blocked pores!
  • Lancome Teint Miracle - This foundation I found was the next best thing to Minerals, very light textured but gives a brilliant coverage. Again allows your skin to breathe. As it sets through the day blends in with your natural skin tone without looking like your caked in foundation.
  • MAC Mineralize Satin Finish - This product is also one of my fav's as it contains vitamins A, C & E. I gained a light to medium coverage with this product but found it was buildable. Also contains natural light reflecting micro minerals. So if I'm going for a satin finish look I tend to use this product.
The main thing about foundation is to use a very good quality primer/moisturiser, apply products which will cause the least harm to your skin. 

Getting your foundation right is vitally important as this is your base. It is very difficult to get flawless looking and even toned skin one of the tips I use is mixing a few shades to even the skin colour off. Try stick as closely to your natural skin colour as poss otherwise you will end up looking either too dark or too light. 

I tend to use both brushes and sponges of various shapes and sizes. 

Also remember to keep cleaning your products on a regular. Cleaning your make up brushes doesn't mean you have to buy pricey products I shampoo and wash my bigger brushes (foundation brush, blusher brush) and clean my smaller ones (eyeliner brushes, eyeshadow brushes) with eye make up remover! Replace sponges regularly. Otherwise they build up with dead skin cells, cause pore blockages and sometimes even cause coldsores.

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