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Friday, 25 May 2012


Ok I was first indulged into Jinkksy when I saw a picture of my mate wearing her bespoke jewellery, my friend then recommended the website to me. I ordered my 1st Jinkksy item and definatley wasn't disappointed so I recommended the website onto family and friends who also started ordering. I then joined Twitter when my friends informed me Debbie (maker of all Jinkksy) does free giveaways, I actually thought it was too good to be true but to my shock it wasnt! As time went on  my addiction to Jinkksy grew. Debbie never failed to shock me with how generous and kind she is, there is also a bio on her website explaining her lifestyle and life experiences she was described as the most talented British Rhythmic gymnast! Debbie has had a wirl wind of life experiences its defo worth giving her biography a read as I was very touched by it. The service offered is unbelievable, I receive all my items very quickly packed in gorgeous pouches which are placed within boxes, she also does very unique gift boxes. Although Jinkksy's website is packed with soo many tempting and stunning items Debbie is very flexible and keen to make any changes as required to any items i.e. sizes, colours, styles. Many celebs i.e. Amy Childs, Peter Andre and many more are rocking Jinkksy's unique handmade jewellery so join the trend =].

I openly admit I have an addiction for Jinkksy and when you see the pics below you will see exactly why!!!

I hope u enjoyed this blog now head over to and get ordering =D! Also on Facebook and Jinkksy

Essex Sparkle

Essex Sparkle

Ok so Essex Sparkle create amazing handmade jewellery, which can be customized in sizes, colours and designs basically to meet your requirments. The jewelery is affordable and very attractive. They have many people following them and offer giveaways, which I recently took part in AND won my very first competiton on Twitter. I was delighted they also paid for postage and sent me my prize which I received very quickly.

Pics of my prize:

These earrings are beautiful and can be worn casually on a day to day basis without looking over the top. You can also see the quality of the product. Once again I am very thankful to them and as I said above you must head over to their Twitter page and look at all the offers and items they provide =]

Sleep-In Rollers!

<3 Sleep-in Rollers <3    

 Ok so some of you might be aware of these already as many celebrities have these and have been seen on scousewives! They are literally the hottest hair trend on Twitter at the moment. For full info about them or to buy one of the many products Sleep-in Rollers sell then just click here Sleep-in Rollers. Anyway so I ordered mine as I love to try everything and they cost just £16.50 (including P&P!).
So I received my Sleep-in Rollers in this gorgeous bag


I also ordered a drying hood                        ====>

These gorgeous sponges coated in velcro are extremely comfy which is why they are designed to go to sleep in with no discomfort. As you can also see they come in a sexy hot pink colour, making them attractive aswell as comfy. I must admit it took me a few attempts as I dont like to give up and enjoy trying different ways to get the best results! So once I got the hang of how to get best results I decided to blog about them, so following are the tips I discovered:
  • They seem to work the best in my hair once damp! (This was the biggest thing I realised)
  • Easier to put into hair while its wet as I have soo many layers that I slightly struggled to get my hair to roll around the curlers neatly whilst dry
  • If you are leaving them in over night then secure each roller with your hair by using bobby-pins
  • If you are planning to use the hood to dry your hair I would avoid using bobby-pins as they heat up and caused kinks in my hair
  • I used products of my desire whilst my hair was damp as I was applying them close to the roots I dont know about yours but my hair gets greasy very quick if products are applied too close to my scalp and roots, by applying it to damp hair its not so harsh on your roots and wont cause your hair to be weighed down with product
  • Finally if you want to define your curls for a different/going out look I used my GHD's just to run over certain sections and really make my curls stand out see pics below
So these pics are form when I applied the curlers to my hair while it was damp, I also sprayed Bedhead Thickening spray and hairdryed my hair giving my hair a volumized and naturally bouncy look

 And for the pics below I went thru alternative strands and slightly defined my curls more for a night out/curlier effect, obviously I could have just used my GHD's to create this look but the volume wouldn't be there and the effect wouldn't be the same

So these are my tips, I hope you enjoyed this post, if you haven't already got yourself some of these badboys they are definatley worth buying and worth the price as you get 20 rollers in gorgeous pull string bag. Just click this link Sleep-in Rollers they also sell other products i.e. fringe roller, Milkshake hair products and many more. They can also be followed on twitter @SLEEPROLLERS

Finally if you have any tips different to mine I would love to know, leave me a comment below =] 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nail Designs So Far ...

 Ok so I heard about these magnetic nail varnishes and also seen them posted on Barry M Cosmetics Twitter. 
 It is dead easy and dead quick to create the above look. Definatley will look at investing in getting the rest of the collection!
TIP: make sure you shake the bottles well to get the magnetic elements in the nail varnish to mix well so you get the maximum effect.

The above pic is my first attempt at ombre nails.
Ok for this design it was another dead easy one to do just took slight more drying time inbetween.
1. For the base I used MUA's Shade 10.
2. Next I painted diagonally with Barry M's Cappuccino on fingers 1,2 & 4 leaving the thumb and finger 3.
3. I painted diagonally in the opposite direction with MUA's Shade 20.
4. Finishing off with applying Barry M's Black Magic Crackle Effect.

MUA Cosmetics

MUA Cosmetics 

Make up ranging from a £1 - £4, sound too good to be true thats what I thought when I seen this on MUA cosmetics Twitter! Not only that BUT you also get a free make up palette when you spend more than four pound! Still thinking this is too good to be true I went onto the website and checked it out, in one night I had ordered in a total of 3 different times as I'm a total make up junkie and saw soo many things I wanted =].Delivery was also really quick recieved my items two days later!

I bought these:

 The looks I created with this make up so far:

So for the above 3 looks I used the above 3 items and it was as simple as that! As you can see the make up is very good quality and the eye shadows have shown up very strong and pigmented. So for this look it only cost me about £5!!!

 For the above look I decided to go slightly neutral, so I used the palette which came FREE, yes this was the free palette and this is the look I created for £2. So I would definatley recommend you check this  MUA Cosmetics website out if you enjoy bargains like me. For more info on how to create the look or tutorials leave me a comment =].

Updated pic with new additions!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser

No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser

Sick of feeling like your skin is dull and constantly tired?
Too busy with work to go to the beauty salon? 
Well dont worry!

 The No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser is the answer, it is cheap, radiant boosting, convinient, quick and easy to use. 
With this product u can give yourslef a mini spa facial everyday hassle free n without it being time consuming in the comfort of your own space.
You literally massage the product in a upwards and circling motion, to encourage the blood flow to ur face do this for 10-15 mins, run the muslin cloth (comes with the product) under comfortably warm water, place the cloth on your face and relax while your pores open, after 10 mins use the muslin cloth gently wipe away all the excess and splash your face with cold water to close your pores. Finish off with applying moisturizer. 
I prefer to do this on a night and apply night cream as it gives my skin the chance to refresh over night.
Hope u enjoyed, this is another must try product =]

Mythic Oil

Ok so how much do you love ur hair???

For me maintaining my hair is really important this isn't just going for regular hair cuts at the hairdressers. 
So anyway I went for a usual trim at my hair dressers n my stylist recommended this product to me >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mythic Oil!!!

My stylist knows how my hair gets oily if weighed down with too much product, but when he told me how good this stuff is and used it on my hair the result was amazing!
So now everytime I've washed, dryed and straightend my hair I apply this prod. 
It is very lightweight the more you rub into ur hair the more the goodness of this oil dissolves INTO ur hair, leaving it nourished and shiny specially my ends and layers.  You can actually feel how lightweight this product is when u rub it through your hands!

The ingredients of Mythic Oil are the main key to this product, as it is enriched with a special blend of avocado and grape seed oil.

So if you love your hair this product is a must! Might be slightly pricey but a couple of pumps is all u need and it lasts ages =]

Tip - this oil can also be used on hands and face!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Foundation choices

Ok so I've used many foundations both cheap and expensive brands my top 3 fav's are
  •  Minerals - as these products contain no chemicals, have the very minimum ingredients (only four ingredients I think)! The best product to use on your skin as it will cause no harm. I also found u can build up coverage aswel if you like a heavier look or if your topping up from a day look to a night look. Overall main thing is your skin can still breathe which means no blocked pores!
  • Lancome Teint Miracle - This foundation I found was the next best thing to Minerals, very light textured but gives a brilliant coverage. Again allows your skin to breathe. As it sets through the day blends in with your natural skin tone without looking like your caked in foundation.
  • MAC Mineralize Satin Finish - This product is also one of my fav's as it contains vitamins A, C & E. I gained a light to medium coverage with this product but found it was buildable. Also contains natural light reflecting micro minerals. So if I'm going for a satin finish look I tend to use this product.
The main thing about foundation is to use a very good quality primer/moisturiser, apply products which will cause the least harm to your skin. 

Getting your foundation right is vitally important as this is your base. It is very difficult to get flawless looking and even toned skin one of the tips I use is mixing a few shades to even the skin colour off. Try stick as closely to your natural skin colour as poss otherwise you will end up looking either too dark or too light. 

I tend to use both brushes and sponges of various shapes and sizes. 

Also remember to keep cleaning your products on a regular. Cleaning your make up brushes doesn't mean you have to buy pricey products I shampoo and wash my bigger brushes (foundation brush, blusher brush) and clean my smaller ones (eyeliner brushes, eyeshadow brushes) with eye make up remover! Replace sponges regularly. Otherwise they build up with dead skin cells, cause pore blockages and sometimes even cause coldsores.